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Sure, there's a lot of free advice online. But it's not solving your problems. You're still frustrated and confused because nothing seems to work. 


Are you tired of getting passed over for internships and jobs?

Introducing ‘Stand the F*ck Out: How to write a resume that will get you hired.' This 50+ page guide will show you how to write your resume the right way, and includes sample resumes from candidates with minimal to extensive internship experience, an ATS-friendly resume template, resume, LinkedIn, and internship checklists; and more.

If you want to get an internship, looking for your first "real" job, or need to level-up your current resume, this guide is for you.

Don’t have internship experience yet? No worries -- the guide includes thorough instructions on how to write your resume focused on other leadership experiences, as well as a tutorial on how to translate your extracurricular activities into relatable professional experiences that will catch the eye of recruiters.

Have experience? Amazing. The guide will show you how to take your current content to the next level, and help you get top-tier internships, and most importantly, a J-O-B.

This is due to not translating their experiences properly, therefore not having a competitive resume that gets internships and jobs.

It's true. Most grads end up working in a completely different field, forced to take whatever job they can get, rather than pursuing their dream of being a fashion industry powerhouse.

Did you know a majority of grads won’t work in their dream career? 

I put my 13 years of industry knowledge hiring countless interns and employees into an easy-to-follow guide so that you can stand the f*ck out.

AN INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE 50+ PAGE GUIDE split into 5 easy to follow sections so you can learn at a quick pace and have your resume ready in hours, not months.

AN ATS-FRIENDLY RESUME TEMPLATE that won’t get canned by fancy recruitment software, and will allow your experience to shine.

4 SAMPLE RESUMES with experience ranging from having minimal internship experience, to being in an entry-level position but wanting to transition into a fashion. You’ll find an ideal resume to help inspire you!

A BREAKDOWN ON HOW TO WRITE A RESUME WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE EXPERIENCE, so you can get that first internship that gets your foot in the door.

A guide that will show you how write your resume with confidence and ease. No more agonizing over what to include on your resume, and how to write it.

There's a solution: stand the F*ck Out: how to write a resume that will get you hired

Takes you step-by-step through the main elements of your resume - the look, the length, the content, and the files. 

Breaks down each individual section, highlighting key elements to ensure your resume isn't one that gets looked over by recruiters or hiring managers.

Gives you detailed tips on how to make sure your resume being properly sent - no, it's not as simple as attaching it to an email!


section 1

A closer look at the really, really, really important parts of your resume: contact information, statement or summary, professional experience, skills and qualifications, and education.

An easy step-by-step approach to writing out your professional experience in a way that impresses recruiters, and takes the stress out of resume writing!

What to write on your resume when you're light on professional experience.


section 2

Solutions for common resume pitfalls we all experience! How to display your candidacy for internship opportunities when you don't have any experience, and how to list extracurricular activities on your resume in lieu of professional experience.

Answers to the 8 most frequently asked questions I receive from clients about resumes.

A breakdown on how the hiring process really works.

A list of 100+ action verbs to use while writing your resume


Section 3

A resume checklist that ensures you didn't miss anything while writing your resume.

An internship checklist, that takes you from application strategy to interview.

A LinkedIn checklist that will guide you through the process of creating your profile the right way!


section 4

4 sample resumes to help provide you inspo and guidance while writing your own resume!

Samples range from a student with minimal experience, to a PR assistant wanting to transition into the fashion industry. 



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Join the hundreds of women who have secured fashion industry internships and jobs by implementing my advice and strategies.

Learn how to write a resume that will get you hired.

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Stand the F*ck Out is the framework for entering your dream industry.

Wasted effort and hours of doing research on how to do things “the right way,” only to repeatedly hit dead ends and get nowhere.

Stress and anxiety surrounding getting the internship or entry-level job opportunities you need to be successful in the future.

Embarrassment and confusion from repeatedly getting rejected, and not knowing why, let alone how to improve!

The lack of mentorship and guidance that is difficult to get when you don’t have industry contacts.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

- Hannah B.

"I've had a few internships before but I am hoping to land something larger this summer. Thanks for your awesome advice, what you're doing to help girls my age is amazing!"

"I really believe that what I learned in you guide will get me there"

- Natalie W.

"The guide was very concise and straight to the point. Your tips were invaluable and you answered questions I didn’t even know I had."

"in just 1 hour, I learned more than I did in multiple College Career seminar"

- Eve V.

It is always available to you and a great resource to look back on when you have questions.
If you are looking for a one-stop place for resume assistance, this is for you!"

"Within one weekend I completely transformed my resume"

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Purchase the guide by April 30th, and you'll receive free access to my live webinar on May 9th, 2020 at 4PM EST that will take you step-by-step through the internship application process.

I'll cover how to strategically search for internships, resume and cover letter writing, and interview tips that will land you that dream job!

When you purchase by 4/30, you'll receive access to my internship application course webinar on May 9th!


Experienced interns who need help with the next big step, applying to J-O-B's!

Students with moderate experience, and are ready to get that top-tier internship!

Newbies who have no experience, and don't know where to start.

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The live internship application webinar on May 9th at 4PM EST. If you can't make it, you will have access to a recording until May 16th.

Can you guarantee results with this guide?

You get what you put in. I've had incredible results in the past, so if you're willing to put in the work, this guide will help you supercharge your resume and get you hired!

I have more questions. How can I reach out?

Feel free to reach out to me via DM on Instagram with any questions you may have! I'm happy to answer them.

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Ask yourself "how badly do I want to work in the fashion industry?" If your answer is yes, then this guide is perfect for you.


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- Hesthy V.

I spent months applying to internships and barely received interviews. After using this guide and applying to 6 internships, I received 5 interviews!

She specializes in helping college students and young professionals take control of their future by helping them to take a proactive approach to attaining their dream career, leading to increased self-confidence and a deeper understanding of what makes them unique.

Over the course of 13 years working in Fashion PR and Celebrity Relations, she held director-level positions at top PR firms, as well as senior-level in-house positions. Clients included De Beers Diamond Jewellers, Chopard, Sotheby’s Diamonds, Naeem Khan, among others. She was even invited to the White House by First Lady Michelle Obama for her contributions to the fashion industry!

Carla isabel is a career coach to highly driven women under the age of 30.

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